Infographics + Illustration

Infographics and illustrations planned through careful collaboration with a writer for accuracy. Visuals are designed to match the tone and style of the content they accompany and are often repurposed for use in social media channels as well.

  • Personal project of autobiographical postage stamps designed for Instagram
  • Map of downtown Indianapolis included in the IUPUI freshman viewbook to show proximity to major sites
  • Illustrations designed for an educational IUPUI alcohol awareness quiz and website
  • Infographics (asbestos risks in your home, roof revealed, and composting toilets) designed for Angie’s List Magazine and website
  • Various maps and diagrams illustrated for NCAA Champion Magazine feature articles
  • Field of play diagrams accurately designed to scale for NCAA’s Game Facilities Manual
  • Series of NCAA 101 one-sheet explainers on corporate governance and operations