Grand staircase wall painted in red and white IU "candy stripes"

Union 525

Staircase wall wrap

When Union 525 opened as a co-working campus in a historic school building, Indiana University was given a unique opportunity to fill a blank slate. As lead designer, my task was to inspire people as they walked through the space to a tech incubator wing of the building. The challenge was that other universities were given the staircase walls above and below, so our design had to blend seemlessly dispite not knowing what their spaces would look like. My final design brought in the energy of the IU candy stripes, used key words as graphic elements to transition to the as-yet unknown design on the floor above, and grounded the piece in an abstract map showing just how far the university’s reach can take entreprenuers.

When the owner of the building initially told us to not put our design on the inside of the door arch, we opted to show him mockup options to choose from, knowing ultimately he wouldn’t deny that the IU candy stripes going through the arch would look best. Once the final design was approved I worked closely with the vendor to oversee install coordination on the client’s behalf.