Opening spread from feature on athletes recovering from ACL injury

NCAA Champion Magazine

Quarterly publication

Bringing a sense of storytelling and community to an organization as large as the NCAA is what Champion Magazine was all about. With over 1,000 schools in three divisions, it can be hard for athletics departments and student-athletes to see the larger picture of how collegiate sports are governed and how individual people make a difference. Champion Magazine told those stories through long-form features, infographics, news and profiles. As one of three designers, I worked hand-in-hand with NCAA staff members to uncover and illustrate those stories through original photography, graphics and illustration. During the five years I worked on Champion Magazine I designed approximately twenty feature articles, went on location to shoot photography for three features and coordinated sending files to the printer for all issues.

Some of the most memorable features I worked on for Champion Magazine include a story about former student-athletes competing in Olympic Bobsled as a second career, the historic crew culture of Boston and what it’s like to follow a softball team on the road with back-to-back games. I also partnered with a medical illustrator to create a unique foldout die-cut graphic detailing what happens during surgery to repair an ACL tear—a season-ending injury for student-athletes.